Knowledge-intensive Startups (Panel discussion, SECR-2016)

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Many of us believe that not many startups belong to the category of real high-tech companies. Most often we can see new mobile applications, web services or even plain clones of Western companies. But “not many” is not the same that “none”. On this panel we will discuss the part of an innovative ecosystem that bets on really advanced technologies. We will talk about people who created such companies, and learn where they have gained their initial knowledge and experience. We will discuss the chances for success, and review the examples of spin-off, talk about venture infrastructure in Russia and see its readiness to support such startups effectively, will compare foreign experience with the current situation in Russia.

Another important question is how the high-tech startups plan to develop. Is there a demand for such technologies in Russia? Or do such companies prefer the foreign market? Are investors interested in supporting such companies?

All sides will be presented at the panel: growing startups, venture companies, universities, and big companies, the potential consumers of innovations. The purpose of this discussion is to better understand problems and draw up recommendations for those who plan to develop and commercialize the progressive scientific and engineering ideas.

Translation of talk «Наукоемкие стартапы (Панельная дискуссия, SECR-2016)».


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