Internet of Things and the Magic of Big Data (Igor Kaloshin, SECR-2015)

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I like positioning of Internet of Things (IoT) as new emerging force driven by Information Technologies that dramatically transform competitive landscape for nearly every industry. Michael E. Porter and James E. Heppelmann described such concept in large in Harvard Business Review. I will try to utilize their materials as well as strong Intel’s experience in IoT space further in the keynote.

The evolution of smart connected devices starts from simple stages of Monitoring and Control to more complex stages of collecting and analyzing data flow from thousands of such connected that gives us opportunity for Optimization and even Autonomy. Example of Monitoring is smart thermometer that is able to send temperature data over the network. Control stage adds additional functionality that implies some action based triggered by certain data from sensors. For example turning coffee machine on in certain time interval after user awaken. Such approach implies more complex network infrastructure and communication logic between devices for example between coffee machine and smart watch. Similar solutions will be developed and improved over time being even attractive from investments point of view but from my perspective the most significant economical effect can be achieved by next stages where we use magic force of big data analytics.

Optimization stages implies analysis of rich data flow from big set of connected sensors and intelligent infrastructure for process operations control. This allows companies to optimize processes in numerous ways that was not possible before. Let’s take UBER as an example where, thanks to strong big data analytics, the company dramatically transformed long existent and seemed as rock-solid taxi industry all over the world. In Russia we more aware of similar services as and Gettaxi, but for me the best model of IoT concept implementation would is truly UBER and I will explain why.

The goal of this keynote is to demonstrate on industry examples how big data analytics amplifies end customer value and fuels new breakthrough solutions. Or saying it another wards how quality combination of smart connected devices and thoughtful data analytics already transforming traditional industries.


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